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Professionalize your wealth management and gain a piece of mind

Gain a 24/7 organized view of your wealth, instantly accessible when you need it most.

From Quarterly to Instant
For you to review your entire portfolio
From 45 Mins to 3 Mins
For you to obtain an up-to-date wealth overview
From 7 Emails to Single Access
For your tax advisor to find relevant information

Software Pricing

Set up a solid foundation for future growth with Othis

All prices are VAT inclusive

“Wealth Overview”  Subscription

Enjoy a 30-day free access to explore all the benefits


or €990/year
Automated aggregation of online accounts
Securely link any number of online accounts
Simplified import of alternative investments
Organize documents and emails by assets
Set up holding entities
Mobile app
24/7 premium support
Request Access
Add On

Concierge service

For busy clients to avoid the commitment of getting their assets onboarded.

€499 for initial onboarding

Free with an annual Light Plan
Bespoke to you
Minimal effort
Ensured confidentiality

Gain an organized view of your wealth with little effort.

Upload any financial document, and our dedicated private markets team will securely convert documents to assets for you.

Your dedicated assistant at Othis will inform you of the details during your initial private onboarding session.

Terms & Conditions apply
Request Concierge Service
GDPR Compliant

security standards

High-security data centers located in the EU
End-to-end encryption using AES & SHA-256
Compliance with EU GDPR and adherence to strict data privacy policies
Access control enforced through multi-factor authentication
Real-time threat detection systems
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