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About Us

We’re on a mission to transform traditional wealth management into a hyper-personalized, automated, and conversational experience, fit for every individual.

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We are building Othis to help Wealth Creators in Europe unlock their perfect portfolio across all assets and set it on autopilot.  

Our goal is to build a platform for wealth creation and remove the word management from the equation. For us, creating wealth means you can impact how your wealth grows, without doing administrative work.  You can shape, monitor, and optimize your wealth in alignment with your evolving life – and ultimately focus on what really matters: doing more with your wealth, than just managing it.

Othis was born from a shared experience we, the founders Stefan and Evgeny, accumulated over the last 8 years working in the financial services industry. During this period, we’ve been building investment products and tools for high net-worth individuals, family offices, and ultimately, ourselves.  

Over and over, we faced the same struggles: while investing became more accessible, the technology and expertise to put everything together into a cohesive strategy was not there. We dreamed of a platform that could offer a holistic, modern approach to wealth creation. In our quest for a solution, we found a void. So, we decided to fill it. In early 2022 we laid out a concept for what Othis is today: an all-in-one platform to consolidate, organize, and grow wealth.  

Our ambition is to create a new standard for the wealth management industry in Europe and beyond. We knew it would be no easy challenge and the bar for our team had to be set very high. We started assembling a unique group of not only product builders, but also data scientists, and investment professionals - daring individuals willing to challenge the status quo of one of life's most important areas: wealth.

Today, Othis is composed of 15 experienced professionals, led by founders Evgeny (CEO) and Stefan (COO) who previously built a venture capital firm backing future innovators and guided many family offices into a modern era of alternative investing. Our CTO, Kelvin, brings decades of expertise in software engineering and technology systems design, honed from his time leading the engineering department at a leading open banking platform. Our CIO, Saang, leverages his past as a multi-asset prop trader at a major investment firm in South Korea, to establish institutional-level best practices for creating multi-asset portfolios.

Together, we’re on a mission to transform traditional wealth management into a hyper-personalized, automated, and conversational experience, fit for you. We want to remove the complexities of managing wealth so that people can spend more time creating, building, and shaping the world we live in.

We are Othis!

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