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yet intuitive, software for personal portfolio management

Maintain an up-to-date view of your net worth and available resources. Professionally organized, secured, and instantly accessible.

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Minimum effort,
maximum control

Designed for individuals and families with diverse portfolios of assets.

Revisit and assess your investment strategy more often than a few times a year

Avoid unnecessary work when collaborating with your tax advisor or co-investors

Have all the information at hand when you need it most, with no extra effort

how it works

Everything you need in one platform

No portfolio management expertise required.

Guided onboarding with a personal assistant

Consolidate your wealth in a private onboarding call with support from your personal wealth assistant.

Simplified management of alternative assets

Simply add and update any alternative asset with preset templates for each asset type, optimized for minimum data entry.

Automated aggregation of online accounts

Securely link your accounts across 8,000+ institutions in Europe, including private banks, brokerages, and crypto exchanges.

Mapped wealth structure

Organize assets by legal owners and link any financial document to access all important information intuitively in one place.

Instantly accessible on mobile

Quickly access accounts, assets, and documents anytime, anywhere, on your iPhone or iPad devices.

And more coming

Othis is a comprehensive software suite that constantly evolves to provide end-to-end capabilities in managing personal portfolios of diverse assets or complex wealth structures.

GDPR Compliant

security standards

High-security data centers located in the EU
End-to-end encryption using AES & SHA-256
Compliance with EU GDPR and adherence to strict data privacy policies
Access control enforced through multi-factor authentication
Real-time threat detection systems
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Organize your wealth in 3 simple steps

step 1
Provide basic information

Dedicate 2 minutes to personalize your experience with Othis

step 2
Schedule an onboarding call

Benefit from a 1-1 onboarding with our data expert to help complete your setup

step 3
Achieve order in your wealth

Keep your wealth up-to-date with minimal effort for instant access when you need it most

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