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Our Manifesto

We help people do more with their wealth than just manage it

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Transforming traditional wealth management into a hyper-personalized, automated, and conversational experience.

Our society is making enormous progress, driven by groundbreaking technological advancements and innovative ideas. The world we live in today is in a constant state of transformation, creating more opportunities to accumulate wealth than ever before. Yet, the process of managing wealth - one of the most critical tasks in a person’s life - remains stuck in the past.  

We founded Othis to become the go-to partner for Wealth Creators in Europe - individuals who have amassed wealth and have more intricate needs than a typical retail investor, who use technology daily to optimize their personal and professional lives, and who want to be at the forefront of global developments and innovation.

As a Wealth Creator you are stuck between the two worlds: either you rely on outdated traditional institutions and miss out on a wealth of opportunities or use a multitude of tools to manage wealth as your second job. In either case, you're left with no professional advice to navigate this complex environment. Today, there is no place where you can grow your wealth in a modern, holistic way.

We know all these struggles by heart, because we’ve faced them too. In our quest for a solution, we too found a void. Since then, we've been obsessed with the idea of solving this problem once and for all.

This is how Othis was born.

Othis is an all-in-on platform that helps Wealth Creators consolidate, organize, and grow their wealth in one powerful app. The Othis platform automatically captures all your investments, keeps your net-worth up-to-date, and provides personalized wealth recommendations. As the platform evolves, we aim to help Wealth Creators build their perfect modern portfolio across traditional and alternative assets and put it on autopilot.

Our ambition is to set a new standard for the wealth management industry in Europe and beyond. To make this vision a reality, we commit to:

  1. Solve investment management and administration problems of growing wealth in the New Economy
  2. Make wealth creation hyper-personalized, conversational, and automated
  3. Do frontier research in private markets, merge human and artificial intelligence, and leverage open banking
  4. Hire the best people across the key domains: data science, institutional investing, and behavioral finance
  5. Increase the quality and interoperability of financial data, while ensuring a top-notch level of security

But our most important commitment? We pledge to be an independent, unbiased partner for Wealth Creators. We are here to rebuild the trust shattered by some large institutions' shortcomings.  

We are building a platform for wealth creation and remove the word management from the equation. For us, creating wealth means you can impact how your wealth grows, without doing administrative work.  

You can shape, monitor, and optimize your wealth in alignment with your evolving life – and ultimately focus on what really matters: doing more with your wealth, than just managing it.

Stefan and Evgeny

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