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A holistic view of your client’s wealth

A platform that enables tax advisors to access and interact with their clients’ assets conveniently.

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Network of tax advisors and aggregated assets.Network of tax advisors and aggregated assets of clients.

Benefits of working with us

Secure asset aggregation platform to deliver trustworthy and verifiable data on all assets that your clients hold.

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    Streamlined data aggregation
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    Efficient reporting & customer interactions
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    Simplified calculation, tracking, and audit of valuations
A layer where all assets are aggregated.
All assets

From public securities to private companies, and real estate

Multiple documents in one place
All Documents

Full set of relevant documents linked to specific assets

A lock that demonstrates security
Securely Stored

All information is encrypted and securely stored in Europe

Enhance client collaboration with our features

Multiple assets like crypto, real estate, brokerage and startup investments in one place aggregated.

Wealth Oversight & Monitoring

Overview of all relevant assets and returns, aggregated in a single dashboard with detailed asset insights and exportable reports.

A client profile of Othis.

Client Profiles

Assets are linked to a client’s profile that includes key facts like tax residency, investing structure, and other relevant information.

Othis app for clients of tax advisors

App for your clients

Intuitive mobile app that allows your clients to securely view their aggregated wealth and share relevant assets with you.

Commitment to security

We are implementing a multi-layered security approach, including advanced encryption, secure data storage, and continuous monitoring to prevent unauthorized access. We  comply with all industry regulations and privacy laws to ensure the highest level of protection

Security aspects like data stored and encrypted in the EU.

Strengthen your client relationships

Gain meaningful and efficient interactions with clients

Relieve back-office and service more clients

Win over the younger and digitally-native generation

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For advisers servicing wealthy individuals whose assets are distributed across multiple banks and investment platforms.

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Meet Othis

The team behind Othis.

At Othis, our team has dedicated over a decade to creating sophisticated investment solutions and managing wealth for high-net-worth individuals and family offices.

We understand the challenges associated with aggregating investment data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date values, and reporting across diverse asset classes. Our deep understanding of these complexities has allowed us to develop cutting-edge tools that streamline these processes.

"We are building Othis to facilitate a meaningful and efficient collaboration between you and your clients"

Othis Team

Stefan Haubner, Evgeny Zasorin, Saang Lee & Kelvin Craig