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How Othis Consolidates Your Net Worth

For the first time, you will gain a holistic picture of your wealth in one place. No more messy spreadsheets, lost information, or the hassle of starting from scratch.

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Managing wealth is a complicated endeavor, especially for high-net-worth individuals with diverse portfolios. You can quickly find yourself spending countless hours trying to sort, organize, and manage your varied investment information. With Othis, the days of managing wealth in spreadsheets are over. For the first time, you can gain an accurate representation of your net worth, automatically captured and updated in one place.  

We designed Othis in a way that does not require you to be an investment professional. You don't have to master the nuances of each asset class to take control of your wealth. Your investments are systematically categorized into different asset groups with accurate values and are consistently linked to the corresponding holding structure, whether invested privately or via a legal entity. To ensure your data remains confidential and safe we go beyond the basics and have defined our own security practices you can learn more about here.

Othis offers comprehensive coverage of various asset groups, allowing you to control all your investments on a single platform. Here are the asset groups that Othis can handle for you:

1. Cash and investment accounts (+10,000 institutions across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland)

2. Funds (Private Equity funds, Hedge funds, Carry Vehicles etc.)

3. Companies (Startups, SMEs, ESOPs)

4. Direct Real Estate (Land, Property)

5. Crypto (Exchange accounts, Wallets, NFTs)

6. Physical assets (Precious metals, Collectibles, Watches, etc.)

7. Other assets (any other assets that have value to you)

8. Debt

Below are the three ways how Othis creates a consolidated view of your net worth.

Automatic data capture for online accounts

Othis employs regulated, encrypted, and secure third-party financial account aggregator services like Flanks. These services seamlessly integrate with your financial accounts, enabling us to automatically capture and update transactions and investment performance.

When you connect to a financial institution, you need to enter your banking credentials, which are sent directly to the respective account aggregator, but never to servers of Othis. You can decide if the account aggregator can store your credentials for it. Storing credentials enables us to update your investment data automatically in the background, however you can also import your data by giving one-time access.

Currently, Othis supports over 10,000 institutions—banks, investment platforms, and crypto accounts—across Europe, primarily in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The likelihood of your institution not being on our list is low, but if it isn't, we can onboard the missing institution in a short period of time.  

Simplified import of alternative assets

We specialize in alternative assets to help you consolidate even the most complex investments. Our platform is built based on best practices of investment controlling from family offices, hedge funds, and venture capital funds that we founded or worked at.

To streamline the onboarding process with Othis, we provide a template that allows you to copy data from your existing spreadsheets and upload it onto our platform. Once uploaded, our system automatically processes the information in an anonymized manner to add assets to your account.

Once all assets are set up, our platform offers a detailed view for each asset, saving you time and complexity. One of the core principles we follow is that each distinct asset group is treated differently by our platform based on its unique properties. For example, a convertible loan investment in a company will be calculated and represented differently from a commitment to a close-ended private equity fund. As a result, you gain a greater level of detail and understanding of each unique asset you own.

Complete picture with transactions and documents

Lastly, we create a complete picture of your wealth with transactions and documents to ensure the quality of your financial data supports collaboration with your tax advisor, personalized wealth insights, and dynamic projections for liquidity planning.

Where possible, our system pulls transactions related to each asset, such as withdrawals or new investments. As for documents, you can easily upload them into the Document Vault section of your account or forward them via your dedicated Othis email address. Our system will automatically categorize these documents, whether it’s a real estate contract or a fund subscription agreement.

As a result, you will be able to create the most holistic picture of your wealth in one place. No more messy spreadsheets, lost information, or the hassle of starting from scratch. We help you organize your wealth, ease collaboration with people that matter to your wealth, and ensure you take the optimal actions to grow your wealth.   

Ultimately, our aim is to help you do more with your wealth than just manage it.  

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